In this section, administration lists updates, modifications and/or bugfixes that have already been applied as they happen. For upcoming features please visit the Coming Soon section.


  • Added a Coming Soon log for public awareness of features to come as well as pending bug fixes.
  • Added a highlight feature that boldens the keyword making it easier to see hits on search results.
  • Seperated search results into categories for easier viewing of search results.
  • Fixed the search feature bug.


  • Added an algorithm to display a Snoopy themed footer image based on nearest holidays or events.
  • Found a bug with the search feature, displays blank positive results when using filters.


  • Added current Knott's Berry Farm Show Times for shows up to May 7th
  • Completed implementation of Admin Maintenance disabling.
  • Updated Contact form to new updated header format restoring functionality.
  • Started Website Status recognition, when live all features are accessible. When offline, it puts all features in maintenance mode.
  • Added an Admin Panel Menu.
  • Added Developer Log for update tracking.