These are the upcoming features, modifications and/or bugfixes we have in the works.

Website Specific Features

  • Add a bug report / suggestion ticket system.
  • Add a Group / Forum type of Environment.
  • Upgrade Mobile vs PC viewing experience.
  • Merge new & old administration control panels.
  • Add timeout/ban features for members.

Park Data Features

  • Add Park Hours system to reduce data grabbing algorithm during off hours.
  • Expand Search Filters - Upgrade search system to be able to filter special offerings, all alcoholic drinks, dietery restrictions, etc.
  • Add Park Item Photos - Make members or admin staff capable of adding park item photos such as dishes, merch etc.
  • Park Item Alteration - Add ability for members to submit a correction or new items to be approved for database addition.
  • Add Food Review System - Members will be able to submit photos and post their review and rating of a food item.
  • Add Food Line Wait Times

Map Features

  • Bug Fix - Markers are no longer functioning on the map. Requires marker rework.
  • Add 'Did You Know..' - Certain locations on map would pop-up a random fun fact when exploring.
  • Expand the wait times with user submitted reports to better hone in wait times.

Interactive Features

  • Add fun frames or filters to be added automatically to member photos.
  • Add games to make waiting in lines less stressful.
  • Online Marketplace - Select members would be able to post park related items for sale.